Trying to figure this thing out!

I thought it said you could change the title of your blog once it was made… I can’t find an option to do that anywhere! And I can’t figure out how to use the darned thing except as a text-editor. Argh! This is a lot more complicated than it looks!!!!!!!! I take my hat off to anyone who has been able to figure it out and make it do what THEY want it to do without an advanced degree of some sort!

Let’s see if I can manage to get a photo in here at least… I just grabbed my camera and went in search of the cats. Here are the three girls doing what they do best. Sleeping! (or sitting anyway…) The least I can do is share come cat photos with you!


Scouty was sitting on the edge of our bed… you can probably tell that she’s a big girl – she’s built like a barrel, and she weighs 16lbs. She’s also a big scaredy-cat, so if you come to our apartment you’re not at all likely to get to see her – as soon as she hears you come to the door, she’s under the bed!


Silver was curled up in a box in the corner of the livingroom… they used to have a nice basket under the coffee table but did they ever deign to sleep in it? Of course not! I took the box away and substituted a cardboard box filled with crinkly paper… and all of a sudden it’s a favourite hiding place! Silly is more lightly built than her sister and she has pointy ears and nose where Scoutys are rounded off which makes her look a lot more delicate but she’s just as heavy… and even more lazy! The dark mark on her face is from a blocked tear duct. It doesn’t bother her, but she’s had a runny eye ever since she was a kitten. I just have to wipe her face for her when it gets too messy (the wiping bothers her more than the drips!) But she’s a very docile girl and she’ll let you do almost anything you want to her, especially if there’s food in it.


Lastly, Tessie was curled up in one of HER favourite sleeping places… she loves to go into our wardrobe and to sleep on top of John’s work pants. I call her ‘little black cat trying to get squished’ because she blends right into the background! She also has a very dangerous habit of going to sleep on the black computer chairs in a dark room… when you consider that I’m 200lbs and John is 400 it gives whole new meaning to the words ‘squishy kitty’! She was fast asleep when I started but the flash woke her up so you can see her beautiful golden eyes.



3 Responses to “Trying to figure this thing out!”

  1. QueBarbara Says:

    I’m a sucker for kitty photos! Your Scout looks a lot like my Chuy.

  2. Noturus Says:

    Hey – well done with the photos! These are some lovely cats. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Candace Says:

    Cute kitties.

    You go to your Dashboard>Settings>General and you can change your title there.

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