Fall Challenge – One sheet, 10 cards!

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6 Responses to “Fall Challenge – One sheet, 10 cards!”

  1. this is fun Says:

    You’re on! I’m going to do it tonight. (By the way: all that stuff you said about hoarding special papers…ditto for me)

  2. Pati Says:

    Nice job and good challenge! I wasn’t too keen on that paper but I really like the cards you made from it. Encourages me to look at scrapbook paper differently, in parts and pieces, as backgrounds for cards. Thanks for sharing. ps. I also ‘hate’ to cut into paper I really like, good grief!

    • kajikit Says:

      I know what you mean about that paper… one of the reasons it sat there all year was because I really didn’t know what to do with it! I almost never use ‘full-page’ sheets of patterned paper… I’ve got a few that I thought were ‘extra special’ so I bought them and they’ve been sitting in my paper file for close to a decade waiting for the perfect page. And if it aint happened by now it’s probably never going to. 😛

  3. Karen Madden Says:

    Maybe we should have a pattern paper hoarding intervention for all of us paper crafters! ; )
    Great job using some up! BTW, I love your blog title! Those are four of my fav’s too!

  4. this is fun Says:

    You will find my set on the Stamp Haven website!

  5. Kelly Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kelly=) (from papercrafts yahoo group)

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