My favourite foody links

They say you learn a lot about someone by what they like to read… so here are a few of the sites that I like. All of these links open in a new window so you can browse to your heart’s content without losing my entry.

I read Chowhound every day – it’s a busy site and there’s always plenty of discussion going on. And you can get great ideas from the home cooking board. If you want to know what to do with a bunch of arugula, a few lemons and half a bag of basmati rice, somebody will be able to suggest something!

E-gullet is quieter, so I only need to check in there once a week or so. I’m not a professional foodie or restauranteur so some of their conversations go over the top of my head, but there’s still plenty of interesting stuff to be found.

I also read the newsgroup but it’s unmoderated and overrun with spam and junk postings, and it can be very hard to wade through the dross to find the ‘real’ food threads! It’s a shame because that was my first introduction to the cooking community…

When I want a laugh, I go to the infamous Cakewrecks blog… and I need say no more because by now I’m sure EVERYONE knows all about it! I know nothing at all about cake decorating, but I know how not to do it.

And when I just want to drool over delectable photos that look good enough to eat, I visit Foodgawker to feast my eyes… then I can click on some of the links to follow up.


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