Fun times a’comin’!

One of our church members passed away a few weeks ago and the memorial service is on Saturday. His widow would like to have food, so I offered to bake… my next two days are going to be filled with shopping for ingredients and baking enough cookies and brownies for a crowd of 200! I’m assuming that two cookies apiece will be enough (because not everyone will have two and some people will want an extra) so I’ll make 400 cookies… I expect to make 50-odd cookies each of 4 different varieties. Ooops, I can’t count! That would only be 200… I need to do twice that! I’ll do two large batches of each and see how many that comes out to. And one square of brownie or slice per person, ie 200 squares.  By the time we get to the service I’m never going to want to look at another cookie again! But it’s all in a good cause…

On the menu –

  • – Basic sugar cookies
  • – Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips
  • – Peanut Butter clouds
  • – Spice cookies? (not sure about these… I might try something different if I can find an interesting recipe.)
  • – To-die-for chocolate brownies
  • – Blondies with pecans and coconut
  • – Lemon sqares
  • Another slice of some kind… maybe a fruit slice or a coconut slice.

The slices will be baked in disposable aluminum trays… and I bought two new cookie sheets today so I’ve got 4 large cookie trays at my disposal instead of just two. That’ll make life simpler because I can prep the next two trays while the others are in the oven baking instead of having to do them one at a time. I usually bake one tray and prep one tray and alternate but this’ll be twice as fast.

Grocery list for tomorrow –

  • – 1 LARGE bag white sugar
  • – 1 large carton eggs
  • – 2 boxes unsweetened baking chocolate
  • – lemon juice

I just bought 4 boxes of butter, 10lbs of King Arthur flour, and a twin pack of baking powder so I don’t need to  buy any of them. I wonder how far that’ll go?


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