The cooking is done, and I’m exhausted!

I was so busy cooking over the last two days that the only tray of cookies that got photographed was the first! But here they are to tempt you…sugar cookies

In total I made the following –

– 1 batch easy sugar cookies (recipe from I’ve made these many times before. You can’t go wrong with a simple sugar cookie with something decorative embedded into it. I stashed away a bunch of bags of mini chocolate easter eggs post-holiday because they make very pretty cookies. Some (most) of the eggs crack in the oven but that’s okay. They taste great anyway. I finished the other half of them off with slices of candied papaya. I’d rather have used cherries, but they only sell them at Christmas and I’ve used my stash. This year I’ll make sure I buy twice as many! It’s strange because in Australia they’re a supermarket staple year-round.

– 1 batch spice cookies (my mother’s family recipe that she taught me when I was a kid. I used pumpkin pie spice to save time and they didn’t turn out as nicely as they usually do. I don’t think it had enough cloves in it.)

– 1 batch snickerdoodles (recipe from I’d never made these before, but they’re very easy to make. I made two changes to this recipe – firstly I used butter, not shortening. And secondly, I used baking powder instead of baking soda/cream of tartar. I’m not even sure why snickerdoodles use the latter – they don’t have anything particularly acidic in them to set off the baking powder! Anyway, they turned out great and DH loved them.

Those first three cookies were made yesterday afternoon/evening so I could take my time. This morning I had to do some laundry and housework, and I got started on the rest of the cookies and slices at about eleven.

– 1 batch sugar-free sugar cookies for the diabetic church-members (recipe from splenda website.) New to me, and not that great. They’d be nicer sandwiched together with chocolate or frosting but that would defeat the purpose of making them sugar-free! I have no idea how to make them taste better without sugar… this dough is very very very soft and you have to chill it for at least an hour before you try to roll it out. It rolled out beautifully the first time and then it got squishy soft again when I went back for a second pass. And the finished cookies are basically tasteless. All in all, it’s not really worth the time and effort.)

– 1 batch of oatmeal cookies with the lot (my own recipe that I make regularly. Just regular oatmeal cookies with a bunch of chocolate chips and raisins and some craisins thrown in. They’re basically fruit and chocolate held together with a bit of cookie dough.)

– 1 tray chocolate chip brownies (my recipe I’ve made many times before, adapted from Barb Schaller’s famous orgasmic chocolate brownies.) Hers are delicious too but I add some cocoa powder and chocolate chips, cut the sugar back half a cup because the chips are very sweet, skip the raising agent,  and cut down the flour to 1 cup for even more chocolatiness.

– 1 tray mocha brownies (made up on the spot and delicious! I used my chocolate brownie recipe and put some strong coffee into it and added extra flour to make it the right consistency because the coffee made it runny. I had a bunch of mix left over, so I made some mini-brownie-bites to use it up and they turned out SCRUMPTIOUS!)

– 1 tray butterscotch blondies with butterscotch chips and pecans. (recipe I found online somewhere or other ages ago and printed out…) For some reason these didn’t turn out as nicely as they usually do… probably because I was tired and rushed. But they’ll do.

– 1 tray coconut blondies. This was entirely my own invention. I wanted to do coconut but the recipe I found that looked most promising used chocolate brownie mix with coconut sandwiched in the middle. I was running out of chocolate and cocoa powder, so I made a vanilla brownie mix with white sugar and sandwiched the coconut in the middle. I have to try to write this recipe down as best I can before I forget it because they’re DELICIOUS!!! If you want the original chocolate recipe, here it is on allrecipes.

– and 1 tray of marbled brownies because there was a bunch of butterscotch brownie mix left over. No recipe required, just half a batch of butterscotch and half a batch of chocolate swirled together and topped with chips.

– and lastly, because the sugar-free cookies weren’t really a success I decided to try making a sugar-free apple slice with an oaty topping. I figured that spice would give it lots of flavour and colour, and oats and coconut would add the crispness that the splenda just can’t create. The recipe needs tweaking but in general they worked. (Dough on the bottom pressed into the pan, unsweetened applesauce spread on it, then finely chopped apple and a few currants sprinkled in the middle, topped with an oat/coconut sugar-free streusel.) The bottom crust is very soft and cake-like and I think it would benefit from being pre-baked for crispness before the filling goes into it. Also I used too much baking powder in it. 1.5 cups of flour does NOT need a whole teaspoon of baking powder if you’re trying to make pastry!

And here are my brownies/blondies in all their glory. The missing squares are because all the new-to-me recipes had to be tasted to make sure they weren’t disasters! (of course…)

brownies,baking,chocolate brownies,mocha brownies,butterscotch chip blondies,coconut blondies,marbled brownies,sugar-free apple slice

More photos tomorrow when I pretty everything up and get it ready to take to the church for the funeral… for now I’m beat!


One Response to “The cooking is done, and I’m exhausted!”

  1. JeanineAlyse Says:

    Perhaps the sugar-free cookies could liven up in taste by putting a wee bit of nutmeg, along with a few teaspoons of fine-shred lemon or orange peel? That’s what I add to about a third of a batch of the Snickerdoodles I make often for my youngest gran. She loves the Snick’s and would eat the entire giving in one day, but I find them rather boring and keep some spruced up for myself.
    Thank you so for sharing, Picky

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