Kajikit’s Kitchen – on a Budget

I know I put this blog aside a long time ago – writing a cooking blog turned out to a be a lot more time and effort than I expected! But now it can serve a use again. We’re trying to cut down on our expenses, and one way to save money is in the kitchen… I’ve always tried not to be wasteful, but I’ve never really tracked expenses etc. For the next week or so I’m going to log every dinner I prepare and try to get a realistic account of how much money we’re spending on food.

Our pantry cupboard is fairly well stocked… last weekend I only spent $40 on groceries, buying bread, milk, eggs, biscuits, yoghurt and cat supplies.

Last week’s menus (as best I can remember them!)

Monday – hamburger sandwiches with bacon and cheese
– 3/4lb 90% lean ground beef from BJs ($2.50/lb); white bread ($1.50 loaf); Publix bacon ($3.50/lb used about 1/4 pack), a few pickles and lettuce leaves and sliced cheese.

Tuesday – chicken gravy and biscuits with frozen peas
– 1 pack refrigerator biscuits ($1.25); cooked chicken breast and homemade broth from freezer both made from roasting chicken at 80c/lb; a little milk and cornstarch.

Wednesday – Omelettes and biscuits (the leftover) with frozen veggies for me
– Eggs $1 on sale, used 1/2 carton; few slices salami and grated cheese

Leftover biscuits/chicken for my lunch, ham sandwiches for DH.

Thursday – Spaghetti and frozen vegetables
– Jar Barilla sauce $2.75 BOGO; 1 Italian sausage ($2/lb on sale); 3/4lb lean ground beef ($2.50lb); 1/2 pack whole wheat spaghetti $1.50 on sale, little parmesan cheese

Friday – Spaghetti (leftovers)  Lunch – leftover hamburger for DH and Lean Cuisine for me

This week I’m going to try to make an entry every day and I’ll go into a bit more detail.


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