About Me

The first thing to know about me is that I am female and happily married… I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia and I never really expected to leave the country – until I met my husband-to-be and he just happened to be American! Several years of paperwork and patience later we were married and now we live  in south Florida with our three cats.

Karen and John - Thanksgiving 2008

Karen and John - Thanksgiving 2008

I love cooking and basically anything creative, especially card-making and paper crafts in general. I’m not really a ‘people person’ and I suck at face-to-face stuff, but if you want something made, organised, cooked, written, or arranged, I can probably get it done! My current pet project is Cards for Heroes… They collect hand-made cards and send them off to military personellel overseas, so that they can keep in touch with their families at home. If you are a card-maker I recommend them highly.

But if you want to see my card-making blog entries you’ll have to go to my other blog – Creating with Kajikit. This blog is dedicated to my exploits in the Kitchen, and the other is, obviously enough, about crafts.


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