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Baking Aftermath

August 30, 2009

I didn’t end up taking the sugar-free cookies to the church at all – when I went to plate them up on Saturday morning they’d turned into hideous blogs of soggy cardboardish nothingness with a super-strong artificial-sweetener flavour overnight and all they were fit for was the trash can! So that was one thing less to plate up… But the rest of my goodies were all fine and ready to be boxed up.

brownie container

I didn’t have a container or basket big enough to hold five pans of brownies, and I didn’t have time to go to the store to try to buy one, so I improvised. I cut down a (new) mailing box and covered it with (also new) wrapping paper, taped down well… then I made a liner for it from two foil pans cut down and taped together. It worked really well. It kept the brownies off the cardboard and let me stack them up really nicely so they were easy to carry.

full brownie container

The cookies were all piled up in a big ice tub that I bought for the occasion… I toss the spice cookies, sugar cookies and snickerdoodles randomly in the middle because they’re all basically sugar-cookies and they all looked pretty much the same, and then I stacked the oatmeal cookies up around the edges of the tub.


I picked up the leftover brownies and cookies from the church this morning. There were 100 people at the funeral, and they ate half of the goodies I took along. The sugar-free apple slice must have been really popular because there wasn’t any of it left over (or else somebody liked it enough to take it home, which is fine with me too, because it wouldn’t keep and we don’t eat sugar-free stuff ourselves) and I don’t have a photo of it. I divided the leftover brownies in half and put half into the church freezer for morning teas, and brought the rest home for us. I left most of the cookies in the church freezer too and just brought enough home for us to have some. They’ll provide morning tea for church for the next month, and I’m sure they’ll taste a lot nicer than the icky grocery store ‘donut holes’ they usually serve.

All in all, it was a good experience. I enjoy baking, and it was good to do something for the church… we’re having a Revival next month and I’ve already volunteered to do the baking for the suppers, so this was practice! Now I have an idea of how much I’ll need to make for that (the same amount as this, but divided over four nights, not all produced at once. If I have one tray of brownies and one kind of cookie each night, I’m sure it’ll go down well.)